US$120 – Cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale from San Diego (Multiple Airlines)

Written and Published September 18, 2020

<cur_name>US$</cur_name><cur_val>120</cur_val> &#8211; <span id="translate">Cheap flights to</span> <span id="translate">Fort Lauderdale</span> <span id="translate">from</span> <span id="translate">San Diego</span> (Multiple Airlines)
Airline: Multiple Airlines

Airfares starting at:

Typical Price: US$ 276 (You are saving 57% percent or US$ 156 per ticket)!

Cabin Class: Economy Class

Flights available from: San Diego (SAN)

Flights available to: Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

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Travel Dates (Outbound): October 11 2020

Travel Dates (Inbound): October 15 2020

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How to Book:

Start with the booking link provided first. Then try your dates and airports.

Please note that this fare was valid and bookable at the time of publishing. Fare availability changes quickly and may have changed since.

Cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale - get the best deals now. US$120 with airlines such as Multiple Airlines in Economy Class. Get the best flight deals and promotions for your trip to FLL from SAN below!