The TOP 9 Reasons why you should Subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

Posted on April 16, 2019 by in Daily Deals

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

Mighty Travels Premium is awesome if you are looking to see the world in style, want to do mileage runs, monitor fares for certain city pairs or are a digital nomad.

Here are our top 9 reasons why you should subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium (start your FREE TRIAL NOW).

It’s fast

Each Dashboard search should take under 2 seconds, no matter how many parameters you have selected in your search. Need to find a Business Class flight from anywhere in US Central (which includes Hawaii and Alaska) to Toronto (YYZ)?

You can specify the CPM (cost per Mile), the airline and much more. If you need a flight from LAX to the US/Canada East Coast in Economy Class just adjust your search to see the results. We support searches with many filters such as:

  • departure/arrival region
  • departure/ arrivals airports(s) incl. unlimited nearby airports
  • Airline filters
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Maximum fares
  • Cabin Class

Need the best business class deals with a particular airline (for instance, Emirates) from anywhere in the world? It’s just two seconds away.

It is comprehensive and global

Don’t pay for a deal service that sends you only a few alerts a month (often just ‘lifted’ from Internet forums). With Mighty Travels Premium (start your FREE TRIAL NOW), you can see all the best airfares deals at any time.

You are not located in the US? No Problem! You can use the Dashboard to search for flights from your local airport, wherever that may be around the world. If you’re based in Manchester in the UK and you’re able to fly anywhere in the world, you can search and then put the results in price order, for example:

At any time we have about 150,000 deals in our Dashboard.

See Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First class fares

Let’s face it, we all love a lie-flat seat, great lounges and excellent service. Premium Cabin fares are our lifeblood and what made us famous.

We will send you ‘curated alerts’

When we find something a little bit special, we make sure that we alert you to it by text message to either iPhone or Android or via email, so that you have more chance of taking advantage of it.

Check out the deals we sent out recently.

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It is always up-to-date

Our machine-learning algorithm and human editors go to great lengths to avoid any phantom fares and keep our fares up-to-date.

We never rest

We monitor Economy/ Premium Economy/ Business Class and First Class deals for you from more than 3,000 major airports around the world 24/7, 365 days a year. Plus we analyze around 450,000 new fares every day! That’s how with Mighty Travels Premium (start your FREE TRIAL NOW), you get unmatched access to the world’s best airfares.

Unlike of ‘other sites’ we have continuously updated deal for hundreds of smaller airports in the US and internationally as well.

It is a great investment

Our Premium subscribers save $190 on average; by booking just one airfare since 2014.. We have a minimal overhead and your subscription payment goes straight to our technology development and analyst team.

For just $4.81 a month (billed annually) you can get Mighty Travels Premium (start your FREE TRIAL NOW) and get the world’s airfares at your fingertips.

You can choose to cancel your Premium Subscription at any time in the future. We can’t say fairer than that!

If you book just one of our deals, you will see your subscription pay off.

You can test Mighty Travels Premium for FREE for 30 days.

Start your FREE TRIAL NOW.

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Never miss a mistake fare

Mighty Travels Premium gives you access to mistake fares in Business and First Class.

  • Catch mistake fares (esp. business and first class)
  • Find that perfect getaway for you and your friends
  • See the whole world without going broke
  • Plan your next adventure from your nomadic home base
  • Find that perfect mileage run