The TOP 9 Reasons why you should Subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

Posted on June 7, 2018 by in Daily Deals

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

Here are our top 9 reasons why you should subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium.

It’s fast

Each Dashboard search should take under 2 seconds, no matter how many parameters you have selected in your search. Need to find a business class flight from anywhere in US Central (which includes Hawaii and Alaska) to Toronto (YYZ)?

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

You can specify the CPM, the airline and much more. If you need a flight from LAX to the US/Canada East Coast in economy class excluding Spirit Airlines, just adjust your search to see the results:

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

Need the best business class deals with a particular airline (for instance, Emirates) from anywhere in the world? It’s just two seconds away.

subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

It is comprehensive and global

Don’t pay for a deal service that sends you only a few alerts a month (often just ‘lifted’ from Internet forums). With Mighty Travels Premium, you can see all the best airfares deals at any time.

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